Your First Visit


Determining the best treatment options for your condition begins with establishing an accurate diagnosis.  During your first visit, we will spend a good deal of time discussing your specific symptoms.  We will also be interested in your past medical history and will discuss any procedures you may have had or medications you may be taking.

During your examination, we may assess your posture and mobility.  Certain orthopedic and neurological tests may be administered to help determine the likely source of your symptoms.  We do not take x-rays of all patients, but x-rays can be very helpful in many cases.  We have an on-site x-ray facility and adhere to evidence-based protocols to ensure that we produce quality diagnostic images in cases where x-rays are deemed appropriate. 


Once a diagnosis is established, we will do our best to tailor your treatment to your condition.  If we determine that chiropractic treatment would be inappropriate or ineffective for your condition, we will facilitate a referral to the appropriate medical specialist. 

Expect your first visit to last about 45 minutes.



For your convenience, paperwork can be downloaded from our site and filled out prior to your appointment here.